Orange makes us feel crazy!! It’s a color of power and creativity!!

and look at this color palette  by Benjamin Moore.

Like this latest trend attitude…books, libraries…classy and fresh let’s say! Have a look at his website: Benjamin Moore Color Stories

Chloe!! This SS12 Collection is absolutely amazing, simply classy and elegant of course, but at the same time it’s so fresh and new.

Left image: Lambskin biker jacket in a feminine way! with blouse and trousers in crepe de Chine (in slightly different orange tones)

Center image: blouse and wide leg trousers in crepe de Chine (in evergreen elegant color which is beige)

Right image: pleated dress in silk and orange pump!!

So, at the end of the day….occasionally!! passing through romantic, narrow and most of the times crowded streets of Milan 🙂  We found this splendid little shop : “Les Amis” (French name, but Made in Italy) Corso Garibaldi Giuseppe, 127, not far from m. Moscova.  Take a note! You won’t be disappointed!

…..where we’ve got this pair of orange sandals!!

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