Inspired by a comment on Thoughts On Elegance on Pinterest about the published photo (on the left; all by Marc Jacobs by the way! gorgeous), we decided to write this article.

Fashion is capricious and unpredictable, like a woman, but that’s why we love her the most! Of course fashion trends changes, but classics are always in fashion and a classy wardrobe with essential pieces can stand the test of time! You just need to Mix&Match the timeless pieces in a modern, fresh way and you can be stylish & elegant!

One of the timeless & elegant pieces is a pencil skirt.

It’s a classics must have in a wardrobe of women of all shapes and sizes. It’s perfect for any occasion, daywear & eveningwear, but let’s say, that activities such as climbing and riding bicycles is not recommended in a pencil skirt:-)

It’s not necessarily  to have the black one (for this purposes we have a LBD), but a colored one it’s really a touch of style and modern elegance.

Pencil skirt by the way is a huge trend for this SS 2012 season 😉

P.S. Dear Brenda thanx a lot for your comment!

photos below: Carine Roitfeld in her signature pencil skirt look, Charlize Theron, Miranda Kerr

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