Ohh!! it sounds absolutely amazing  only whispering “Haute Couture”! “Haute” means elegant or high!

And this season you could feel this “Haute” exclusivity in the air, it was like 5 days of an unforgettable, magnificient fairytale in Paris.  Feeling like a modern Cinderella.. I’d say: “Sorry…I’ve just lost my shoe…can we pleaseeeee come back!! :-)”

So let’s start from the debut of Raf Simons, who reworked Dior’s DNA.

Isn’t it splendid “New Look” dresses, red full skirted coat was absolutely fantastic. It wasn’t dramatically exaggerated, but instead elegant and clean, fresh and sophisticated. Just modern elegance!






Chanel, Chanel and once again Chanel – it’s a synonym of modern elegance! Color palette of black, silver, gray and light pink; perfect coordination with accessory line, long silhouettes, light blouses.








And it is so romantic and vintage and thousand times elegant.








Giambattista Valli is a real “Haute” fairytale!! It’s a dream! Ruffles, butterflies, unexpected volumes, elegant florals.  It takes your breath away!







Valentino land, with amazing chiffon and lace, fluid silky touch with deep blue tones. Minimalism but extremely feminine and sophisticated.







Armani Privé – classy and elegant. Gorgeous and matching pastels;dresses in lavender and mauve organza, volumed trousers. So simple & beautiful.

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