It’s not  easy to sort your  wardrobe…but once you find your system for sorting!!  you done!! There are different ways to organize it..by type (skirts, cardigans, pullovers..), by occasion (daywear, workwear, eveningwear etc..) by seasons, also by frequency of use, why not!

But if you are a creative soul and want to make it in a easy way, having fun! Sort your wardrobe by color! Build outfits based on color mixes!!

We’ll start from whites: ice white, optical white, dusty grayish white, going from white to light grey, yellowish warm white…there are so many mixes, find the best one for you!!

More then this, to make your life easier we’ll identify everyday of the week with a particular color palette!

So let’s start from monday! First day of the week, not the easiest one! After w.end we are full of energy, we’ve had some fun, rest, looking fabulous and in a perfect mood, so let’s welcome Monday in WHITE color!

photo left: Vogue US Cover January 1951 by Erwin Blumenfeld Lilian Marcusson
Blumenfeldmonday elegance in white

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