After thoughts not only on elegance :-), but on everyday life, I’m more then convinced, that having an organized closet is the right way towards happiness and of course personal success!
Your look reflect your mood? Right!! Why not be happy and look good! And not to stress yourself at least when choosing your outfit for a day/evening!

Make your life easier and identify everyday of the week with a particular color palette!
Just think about the powerful effect color can have on our mood and emotions!!

So let’s continue, step into the 2nd day of the week, Tuesday! We are more in the groove of the busy week, concentraited on our plans, ideas, tasks. No distraction! In this case I’d peek the colors, that can go with anything! Neutrals! Ohh, Yes! Of course!
Let’s be inspired on tuesday by beige, light cream, camel, gray shadows. For a modern and elegant look, just add some khaki drops into your beige palette.
so let’s welcome Tuesday in NEUTRALS, in love with BEIGE & KHAKI

photo below: Georgina Grenville- “Lust for Luxury,” Vogue 1998. Photographed by Ellen vin Unwerth
Tuesday elegance

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