Coming back to you with suggestions on how to sort your wardrobe to make your life easier, by sleeping more in the morning 😉 instead of  trying to resolve an endless problem of what to wear today!

In previous articles we suggested a creative way to sort your wardrobe by color, to build your outfits based on color and days of the week.

First day of the week – Monday we’ll welcome in white colours, Tuesday colours will be neutrals, our favourites beige & khaki.

Moving towards the middle of the week we step into the 3rd day, Wednesday! Midweek is always busy time, so many things to do. Wanna be fresh, keep coming up with new ideas? Color your mind and outfits! Choose pastel colors!

It’s so easy to be elegant and feminine with such splendid colours as pastel pink, purple, mint, turquoise, lemon etc..

Some freshness on Wednesday! Let’s welcome this day wearing PASTELS

photos below: Stephanie Seymour & Naomi Campbell “Working The Day Shift” Vogue US, March 1996 Photographer : Pamela Hanson,   H&M Pastel Layers


Stephanie Seymour & Naomi Campbell in lemon and limeH&M Pastels


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