Being Elegant it’s not only the matter of your wardrobe.The elegant women is considered sophisticated and feminine in the way she moves, eats, conducts herself in private and public life.

The business card of the elegant woman is first of all her skin, eyes and hair. Any gorgeous outfit will be absolutely useless if you look tired and unhealthy.
Let’s say, that elegant women will never reveal the secrets of her beauty…but we do 😉
So let’s start with just some basic routine, like having a glass of fresh apple and carrot  juice every day.
It is very helpful in keeping away the pimples and also halts the aging of the skin.
So just a glass of this miracle drink will give you fresh, radiant younger looking skin.
Physical activity is always good, you shouldn’t go necessarily everyday to the gym, but yoga, pilates, aerobics or swimming at least few times a week it’s already great.
And of course let’s open our beauty case and have a look what’s inside of it:
Occitane – natural products from En Provence  and Chanel :
1. Occitane Shower Gel Captivant & Universel with it’s art deco flacon
2. Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub
3. Occitane Almond Firming & Beautifying Milk Veil
4. Occitane Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner for Fine and Normal Hair


5. Chanel Ultra Correction – Total Eye Lift
6. Chanel Purifying Cream &  Active Moisture Mask
ChanelFacial maskMake upand don’t forget! More you sleep less wrinkles you’ll have!
Sleeping Beauty

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