New York, London, Milan and Paris… and once again we are in the middle of a fashion week craziness.

As you known fashion addicts and guru’s :-), fashion week is the most important event in fashion industry, which lasts approx. 1 week. During fashion week designers, fashion houses show their latest creations in runway shows to the media and buyers. BUT! It’s a preview for the next season! So from January through March are showed Autumn/Winter collection for next season, as it’s happening right now. We are following the collections, that will be available for Fall 2015.And from September through October we can keep an eye on Spring/Summer collections for next season. This is a typical structure, that allow retailers to buy/prepare themselves for the next season in advance.

But what are the needs of modern women? Do we wanna see the most fabulous outfits on the runway and wait for the next season to buy them? I guess the answer is –NO. What we need is to buy now what we like, to have trendy pieces without waiting for a specific season! Wouldn’t it be great! An absolute freedom of choice – No Seasons. 

Fashion is unpredictable, it’s always a surprise, it’s a freedom of expression for designers. So why do we set the limits? Once a designer has an idea few weeks later it can be available for public. No Seasons, but adjusted to the taste and lifestyle of modern women nowadays. No Seasons, No Rules – this will be the new era in fashion.

While thinking of having seasonless collections Tamara Mellon co-founder of Jimmy Choo and creator of Tamara Mellon luxury lifestyle brand already bringing this philosophy into life:



 So let’s move forward! BE INSPIRED & ELEGANT!

Photo source:

Tamara Mellon FW 2015

and the newest monthly capsule for March you’ll find on www.tamaramellon.com


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