– VYNIL – MAGIC – 70s –

Hippy Chic to Glam Rock, Fringes, Bell-bottom flares, Vynil & Good Music –  it’s all about 70s.

Amazing decade of disco with unforgettable image of John Travolta

& his magnificent performance on the dance floor in the movie “Saturday Night Fever” &

Iconic Girls from 70s such as Twiggy, Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, Lauren Hutton, Cher, Iman, Lynda Carter, Cybil Shepherd etc..

Listen to Olivia Newton-John “Magic” and BE INSPIRED

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Keep Calm and Put a Record OnListen to Vynil and Be ElegantH Magazine Spring 2011Good Music and VynilGold and VynilEvening Elegance and VynilIn mood for vynilJoan CollinsGood Vibes and Vynil

Photo sources:

1. Keep Calm and Put a Record On – http://vinylespassion.tumblr.com

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3.  Fringes, 70s and Vynil – H Magazine Spring 2011

4. Good music and Vynil – unknown source

5. Gold and Vynil – 70s Inspiration – unknown source

6.  Evening Elegance and Vynil – unknown source

7. In mood for Vynil – unknown source

8. Joan Collins – unknown source

9. Good vibes and Vynil – unknown source

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