And finally few words about BASELWORLD 2016 the biggest watch & jewellery event of the world. Sorry lovely readers! We are terribly late with our stories, but still looking for contributors to be on time with latest news for you!!

But on our Instagram you can follow all the events in live streaming!


So coming back to the sparkling event for the jewellery industry – BASELWORLD 2016. Each year this unmissable trendsetting event is held in Basel, Switzerland. It’s a unique place to feel the pulse of jewellery industry and discover innovations, creations that will dictate the trends of tomorrow.

This is the first year we are present during such an event and should admit it was a great honour. Basel Congress Center itself is an amazing construction, it’s a piece of architectural jewellery. Minimalism in decoration and lots of flowers were arranged for the BASELWORLD 2016, very modern & elegant.

Basel 2016 entrance

Basel 2016 decoration insideInstead in jewellery, for us, there were 4 different directions:

1. Let’s say the classical one, such as flowers and butterflies. The most breathtaking were the creations by GRAFF Graff DiamondsBasel 2016 GRAFFBasel 2016 GRAFF 12. New focus on animals -Collection of Animals by BOUCHERON was our favourite ones – a splash of creativity Collection of Animals by Boucheron


We liked a lot sophisticated attitude by Pasquale Bruni Pasquale Bruni

Baselworld 2016 Pasquale Bruni 1

3. Another direction was towards playful attitude, pop, digital art & modernity. And here is were we felt in love with Christina Debs creations! Minimalistic shapes + bright gemstones = modern elegance nowadays Christina Debs

Baselworld 2016 Christina Debs1.jpg

Baselworld 2016 Christina Debs2

Remaining on this amazing playful trend direction let’s talk about watch trends, where probably the newest one was the furry trend, set by Fendi & Karl Lagerfeld.

Baselworld 2016 Fendi 3Baselworld 2016 Fendi 1Baselworld 2016 Fendi 2

Let’s not forget about pure minimalistic & transparency attitude, which is perfectly proposed by Issey Miyake and designed by Tokujin Yoshioka with it’s name “Shape of Water” which is the essential piece in modern women’s wardrobe! Issey Miyake Watch

Baselworld 2016 Issey Miyake

4. The last  direction was architecture and volumes with it’s different overlapping, structures, cut outs and geometric shapes. And Swarovski couldn’t do it better, it was the most inspiriting brand for us Swarovski

Baselworld 2016 Swarovski 1Baselworld 2016 Swarovski 2Baselworld 2016 Swarovski 3Baselworld 2016 Swarovski 4

Stay tuned, we’ll dedicate special blog posts to the brands we liked the most, most elegant and innovative ones.






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