Have you heard that successful people choose to wear the same thing every day! Sounds like some kind of uniform.. but WHY?!

Less stress to choose what to wear, as there so many important decisions to make during the day – that’s true!

Less time & energy wasted in front of the mirror, as you already know what fits you best and that’s why you choose to wear it every day – why not!

The main reason to create a capsule wardrobe and save money – absolutely agree!

Uniform for everyday can be a huge fashion statement. Can give you an iconic look & we love being iconic! So why not following latest trend and find your perfect piece that you can wear everyday, but in different colors maybe?! where each day of the week has it’s own color. Sounds really creative! Iconic & Creative 🙂

Here are few ideas for you Modern Ladies:

1. Uniform – Jumpers in wool and cashmere. Sounds boring? No!…when it’s made by Alberta Ferretti. She launches first Capsule Collection of jumpers in seven different colours and each one dedicated to a day of the week – rainbow week by Alberta Ferretti

Take it easy on Monday in Pink & Welcome Tuesday in Greenmonday-tuesday-jumper-ferrettiDream on Wednesday in Violet & get a splash of energy on Thursday in Yellowwednesday-thursday-jumper-ferrettiWelcome Friday in flirty Blue & Saturday enjoy in Redfriday-saturday-jumper-ferrettiSunday mood in Grey with moments of leisure and relaxationsunday-jumper-ferretti

2. Uniform – T-shirts in cotton and leather. Too basic? Not at all! Cool & Minimal, you can be elegant wearing a T-shirt, so why not choosing one made by LIKOV for every day of the week and each day has it’s own color – T-shirts for everyday of the week by LIKOV

Full of energy after w.end – start from white sheet your upcoming week. Let’s welcome Monday in White


Wednesday – some freshness during midweek busy time! It’s time to wear Pastels – Blush Rose & Pale Pistache

tshirt-gigiThursday – fill the day with Italian flair from Espresso in the morning to Afterwork-Apéro! And the best dress code is Blacktshirt-lilySoon coming more trendy t-shirts to fulfil the colourful week collection by LIKOVwednesday-elegance-by-likovfor more street style inspiration stay tuned with LIKOV Instagram feed t-shirt-for-everyday-by-likov

Enjoy your FF (Fashion Freedom) of wearing the same thing everyday!

GET INSPIRED & BE ELEGANT no matter what you wear!!!


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