Diamonds are a girls best friend… yes, agree, BUT! First when you look at woman you see her face.. her glowing face! and you think “How does she do it?” She has such a flawless skin! maybe because she nailed her skin care daily routine and using the right products?! So forget about diamonds, skincare is really a girl’s best friend!

I was searching for the right skin care products probably since I’m 15 y.o! I’ve tried lot’s of different products, expensive and not, such as Chanel, Dior, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Occitane and many others, made in France, Italy.. etc.. and wasn’t truly satisfied to say that’s the ONE! I have very sensitive and combination type of skin and those little black dots in the pores are really hard to get rid of! Don’t really like to spend lot’s of time for my daily skin care routine, don’t like heavy, too creamy texture on my face and waiting until cream penetrate the skin to apply foundation and make up. Don’t like using lot’s of different products at once!

Occasionally during Pop-Up Market in Zürich discovered KOSHO COSMETICS and the word “MATCHA” and green packaging drawn my attention. After my conversation with Holger Hampel, the founder of the brand, I immediately felt in love with KOSHO innovative concept, but still based on tradition, modern technology mixed with sustainability. 

Kosho Cosmetics

In 2013, Holger Hampel founded Kosho Cosmetics and started developing the first exclusive range of products – Kosho Matcha Effective – to be introduced to the market. And in 2016 got the SPA Diamond Award as Newcomer of the Year.


Made in Switzerland. All Kosho Matcha Effective care products are free of allergenic additives such as paraffins, PEGs, mineral oils, parabens and silicones. Speechless!!! I’ve decided to try KOSHO Products and to share it with YOU, Modern Ladies!KOSHO ProductsFor now I’m using these 3 products:

Smooth Creamy Cleansing foam applying every morning and evening to clean my skin from impurities and sebum excess.01_Creamy_Cleasing_Web_neu

Next applying Full Hydration Serum (with combination of hyaluronic acids and exclusive organic matcha extract) to protect my skin against moisture loss. Its texture is very light, transparent and penetrates immediately into the skin.03_Full_Hydration_Serum_clear_Web

And to finish my beauty ritual after cleansing my skin and applying the serum, I use Smart Protection Cream to protect my skin from daily UV exposure and to have radiant and moisture skin during the day.04_Smart_Protection_Cream_clear_bSo here is what happened to my skin in just few weeks:

Glowing and pure skin, less black dots, my skin feels like velvet, like I’ve just made a  mask for half an hour, my daily routine takes less then 2 min!!! I’m using more than 2 products at once and can apply my make-up immediately after because the creamy texture of the products easily and very quickly penetrates the skin!

This photo below has no filter, no Photoshop, I have just mascara, lipstick and pressed powder by Clinique on my face, (no BB cream!) the rest is my daily routine by KOSHO 😉

To know more about KOSHO just read the Questions & Answers section!

Liza Kovalyova - Founder of Thoughts on Elegance

P.s. Mother’s Day is coming soon! Great skin care product is an amazing gift for YOU and your Mom! Treat yourself and your skin well, You deserve it!

Sincerely yours, 

Liza Kovalyova

Founder of Thoughts on Elegance & LIKOV clothing brand


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