– HOW TO WEAR A T-SHIRT in 2017 –

Have you ever thought, that T-shirt can be not only a simple basic piece in your wardrobe, but a timeless piece that goes nearly with everything!!

Here are some suggestions on how to look contemporary & trendy & base your whole outfit on a simple T-shirt. We based this blog post on the amazing article that we found on  Trendstop Blog

Designer Tee Dress-Up

Keep it simple with these monochrome designer tees, worn slightly oversized and casually tucked-in to a give an effortless aesthetic. Accessories are kept to a minimum and sneakers are the footwear to pair it with, bringing a youthful street wear style to the outfit. The trick is to let the t-shirt speak for itself and avoid pairing with other bold patterned garments. Model Elska Hosk is a frequent wearer of this trend.

Designer Tee Dress-Up

Slogan T-shirt with Coat

Slogan t-shirt, being honest, are always on trend. It’s only matters how you style them! To have a classy, but ultra modern look style your slogan t-shirt with coat, and when there is a game of matching colours you absolutely rock! Whether it’s absolutely matching coat to the T-shirt, which matches also to the day of the week like Elisabetta Bertolini is wearing (foto in the middle below). Or it’s a trendy t-shirt with pink print which looks so feminine with pastel rose coat, but gets a modern twist paired with leather skirt, look by Kristjaana (foto on the left)  For a street style statement instead we like how Samira is wearing slogan white boxy t-shirt “Silence is better than bullshit” with trench & skinny denim (foto on the right).Slogan T-shirt with Coat

The American Sports Tee meets Feminine Separates

Sportswear meets formal as these jersey tees are styled with overly feminine fabrics, taking inspiration from Trendstop’s Crafted Sport trend for Spring/Summer 2018. It works in alternative ways by layering the tee over sheer femme delicate skirts or underneath simplistic more intimate slip dresses, but always keeping an oversized shapeless silhouette. Primary colours make the jersey a bold statement against an otherwise neutral colour palette. The american sports tee on the street and on the catwalks

Layered with a Slip

A feminine take on styling as delicate intimates are layered on top of the basic tee, creating an innovative silhouette which questions the rules of fashion. The slips can vary in materials from intricate lace to fine silks but all pair equally as well with the simple cotton t-shirt. This is a transitional look which can be taken from winter to summer as it is all about layers and slouchy jackets. These add a new texture to the ensemble. This style points towards the popular trend of ‘underwear worn as outerwear’.Layered with a Slip

The T-shirt Dress

With a nod to Trendstop’s up and coming ‘No Labels’ theme for Spring/Summer 2017, the T-shirt is reinvented as it’s styled as a dress for a simple off-duty look. Drop hem sleeves and stepped hem detailing create a slouchy silhouette with one off vintage print vibes. The tee can be kept minimal and worn alone or it also looks strong layered with a masculine inspired jacket, and to keep with the relaxed aesthetic pairs well with plimsoll style trainers. The T-shirt Dress

Single Shouldered

With a clear deconstruction theme, shoulders grab all the attention in these unfinished tees. Soft cotton and thick jerseys give a relaxed and alternative aesthetic as they are paired with leather bottoms in skirt or pant form. It works well in the monochrome palette for an edgier look but is also strong with an added pop of color. As for accessories they should be kept to a minimum with delicate metallic chains.Single ShoulderedWe based this blog post on the amazing article that we found on  Trendstop Blog

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