How can one create smth. new without deconstructing the old one? How is it possible to reach a harmony from irregularity? The answers to these eternal questions we found in the amazing, delicately sculpted, creations by Portugese Jewelry Designer Liliana Guerreiro during Baselworld 2017 – http://lilianaguerreiro.com

Liliana Guerreiro is a jewelry designer and a Portuguese brand that represents and promotes Portugal since 1999. Liliana Guerreiro brought traditional handcrafted techniques of Portuguese jewelry to the contemporary concept.

Liliana Guerreiro

Deconstruction and minimalism, uniqueness and simplicity that’s the main attitude behind the Liliana Guerreiro creations based on Filigree technique.

Filigree is an art of transforming precious metals into delicate chains , charms, pendants.  It was popular in Italian, French and Portuguese metalwork from 1660 to the late 19th century. Liliana Guerreiro plays an important role in the recovery of filigree of gold and silver and its dissemination worldwide.

Silver necklace from Elementos Collection on the photo below is not just a jewelry, but a piece of art!


And here are some pieces from the new collection Dew, handcrafted in gold and diamonds, that Portuguese designer presented at Baselworld 2017:

Dew gold ring and bracelet and also a new masterpiece, No Place, a singular bracelet delicately sculpted in a concave shape. Absolutely breathtaking and so feminine!

LilianaGuerreiro_Dew collection


We like a lot also the gold ring from Herbarium Collection

LilianaGuerreiro_Herbarium_gold RinglilianaGuerreiro_Herbarium_GoldRing_model

and the silver necklace from Malha Collection is our favourite one!


We suggest you to visit also a very inspirational instagram account by Liliana Guerreiro:

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